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Divider displays a horizontal line that visually separates the content.


import { Divider } from "@prismane/core";


<Divider />

Article Example

The Divider component is very commonly used to separate an article visually.

  <Text as="h1">Enchanting Waterfalls</Text>
  <Divider />
    Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature's marvels – the
    cascading waterfalls. Discover nature's symphony as water gracefully dances
    down rugged cliffs, filling the air with a soothing melody. Feel the cool
    mist on your skin and the invigorating rush of energy that these natural
    wonders evoke. Each waterfall is a unique masterpiece, adorned with lush
    greenery, vibrant wildlife, and hidden grottos. Witness the raw power and
    tranquility coexisting in harmony, and let the enchanting waterfalls
    transport you to a world of awe and wonder, where nature's magic reigns

Divider Variants

By default, Divider uses the solid variant.

  <Divider variant="solid" />
  <Divider variant="dashed" />
  <Divider variant="dotted" />

Title Example

The Divider is commonly used to attract the user's attention to a title on the page.

<Flex align="center" w="100%" gap={fr(2)}>
  <Divider />
  <Text as="h1">Prismane</Text>
  <Divider />

Divider Orientations

By default, Divider uses the horizontal orientation, but it also supports a vertical one.

<Divider orientation="horizontal" />
<Center w="100%" h={fr(20)}>
  <Divider orientation="vertical" />

Vertical Divider Example

The Divider component with orientation of vertical has a very common use case to separate images from text.

<Flex gap={fr(6)} align="center" miw={fr(192)}>
  <Square size={fr(32)} miw={fr(32)} br="md" of="hidden">
  <Divider orientation="vertical" />
    <Text as="h1">Hamlet</Text>
    <Text maw={fr(144)}>
      Hamlet is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare, telling the story
      of Prince Hamlet seeking revenge for his father's death. Fueled by his
      inner turmoil, Hamlet grapples with existential questions, madness, and
      the consequences of his actions.


Please refer to the documentation below for a comprehensive overview of all the available props and classes for the mentioned components.