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Mesh Gradient Background28+Form ValidatorsEasily validate inputs with Prismane's prebuilt form validators.
Github LogoOpen SourceOur library is completely open source and we encourage everybody to contribute.
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Create your apps with speed and ease by using Prismane's huge collection of components.

Vibrant Color PaletteOur library includes a versatile color palette comprising over 210 colors, providing extensive customization options.
Form Builder HookOur library comes with a prebuilt hook that helps you easily build forms, register inputs, handle validation and much more.
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React Hooks

Our library comes with all of the React hooks that you need to develop anything from a simple website to a complex application.

Efficiency meets excellenceFocus on customers while Prismane takes care of your UI code.
import { Fire, Tag } from "@phosphor-icons/react";
import { Card, Image, Text, Chip, Button, Flex, fr } from "@prismane/core";

export default function App() {
  return (
    <Card w={360} h={540} gap={fr(2)}>
      <Flex gap={fr(2)}>
        <Chip icon={<Fire />}>On Sale</Chip>
        <Chip icon={<Tag />} color="teal">New</Chip>
      <Flex direction="column">
        <Text fs="2xl" fw="bold" cl={["base", 900]}>Modern Sofa</Text>
        <Text cl={["base", 700]}>
          Experience the ultimate comfort and style with our luxurious sofa, 
          designed to elevate your living space.
      <Text fw="bold" fs="2xl" cl="primary">$500</Text>
      <Flex gap={fr(4)} mt="auto">
        <Button>Buy Now</Button>
        <Button variant="tertiary" color="base">Add To Cart</Button>
Effortlessly beautiful componentsProduction-ready right out of the box
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