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CloseButton displays a square close button.


import { CloseButton } from "@prismane/core";


By default, CloseButton uses the secondary variant.

<CloseButton />

CloseButton Variants

  <CloseButton variant="primary" />
  <CloseButton variant="secondary" />
  <CloseButton variant="tertiary" />
  <CloseButton variant="text" />

CloseButton Sizes

  <CloseButton size="xs" />
  <CloseButton size="sm" />
  <CloseButton size="base" />
  <CloseButton size="md" />
  <CloseButton size="lg" />

CloseButton Colors

The CloseButton component extends the Button component and it's respective props. This allows for changing the colors of the CloseButton to any color in PrismaneColors

  <CloseButton color="primary" />
  <CloseButton color="teal" />
  <CloseButton color="copper" />


Please refer to the documentation below for a comprehensive overview of all the available props and classes for the mentioned components.