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v1.5.0March 22, 2024

๐Ÿš€ Prismane Version 1.5.0

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๐Ÿงพ Release Notes

This new version introduces new props and features to components and provides numerous improvements and bug fixes throughout the codebase.

๐Ÿ’Ž Improvements


  • - Badge: Improved badge positions.
  • - Button: Loading state spinner is now shown as an icon, without removing the button's text, and now has a smaller stroke width.
  • - Form: Removed type declarations for onSubmit and onReset props as they conflicted with default ones.
  • - Alert: Custom actions passed to the action prop now close the alert.


  • - useForm: Improved error handling that provides concise error messages.

โœจ New


  • - Text: Now has predefined colors and respects the current theme mode.
  • - Radio.Group: Now can show a label and error for the whole group using the newly added label and error props.
  • - Checkbox: Now can replace the default icon using the newly added icon prop.
  • - Grid: Now can handle grid-template-areas using the newly added templateAreas prop.
  • - Grid.Item: Now can handle grid-area using the newly added area prop.
  • - All: Now the theme object is passed to all properties of the sx prop, not only top-level ones, including media queries, pseudo-classes, and more.


  • - Added CSS type declarations to all Styling Props of Prismane.

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixes

  • - TextareaField: Fixed layer classNames not following the naming convention.
  • - Grid.Item: Fixed an issue with the columnSpan and rowSpan props.