Develop ultra fast with Prismane 🎉


These are the main advantages which make people switch to Prismane! 💪

Style Memoization for Improved Performance

Prismane utilizes style memoization techniques to enhance performance significantly. By caching and reusing styles, Prismane reduces redundant calculations and optimizes rendering, resulting in faster UI updates.

Beautiful Out-of-the-Box

Prismane provides a modern and aesthetically pleasing design out of the box, allowing developers to build visually appealing user interfaces without the need for extensive custom styling.

Form Builder

Prismane offers a powerful form builder using the provided fields and hooks, which handles state management, validation and exposes methods for manipulating the fields. This helps developers to easily build forms and miss out on the hassle of building forms from the ground up

Lightweight and Performant

Prismane is designed to be lightweight and optimized for performance. Although having many hooks, components and validators, Prismane has limited third party code to a minimum, resulting in a smaller bundle size and faster loading times.

Flexible and Customizable

While offering a pre-designed set of components, Prismane also provides developers with the flexibility to customize and extend components to fit specific project requirements.

TypeScript Support

Prismane is built with TypeScript, providing robust static typing and improved code quality. This allows developers to catch errors early in the development process and enhances code readability.

Have-it-all Library

Prismane provides the developers with a comprehensive set of hooks, components and validators that are more than enough. This results in faster development and ease of use.

Dark Mode Support

Prismane includes built-in support for dark mode, allowing seamless switching between light and dark themes to enhance user experience and accessibility.

Integration with Popular Frameworks

Prismane is compatible with popular JavaScript frameworks like React and Next.js, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate it into their existing projects.